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2015 2 Kings Study 6

2 Kings 12:1-13:25
Key Verse: 13:17

2015 2 Kings Study 6


2 Kings 12-13
Key Verse: 13:17

1. How long did King Joash do what was right in the eyes of the LORD? (12:1-3) How did he work to restore the temple? (12:4-16) What did he do when the nation was threatened by Hazael of Aram? (17-18) How did Joash die? (19-21)

2. Who became king of Israel in the twenty-third year of Joash king of Judah, and what kind of king was he in the eyes of the LORD? (13:1,2) When God's anger burned, how did he punish Israel? (3) Why did God send them a deliverer? (4,5) How did they respond to God's grace? (6) How were they punished again? (7)

3. Who became king after Jehoahaz and what evil did he do? (8-13) Why did Jehoash cry when Elisha was suffering from his dying disease? (14) How did Elisha try to help Jehoash? (15,16) What did it mean to open the east window and shoot the arrow? (17)

4. What else did Elisha tell the king to do? (18) Why did he strike the ground only three times and stop? (18b) Why was Elisha angry with him? (19)

5. When else do we see Elisha's power? (20-21) Why was the LORD gracious to Israel? (22,23) How was Elisha's prophecy fulfilled? (24,25)
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